About Us


We are Recorked UK, the UK’s only natural wine cork recycling program. For every cork collected, we donate at least £0.01 to our nominated charities and we also supply free corks to various charities and schools for use in craft projects.

We are actively looking for pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and wine merchants who will join as collection partners, collecting their used wine corks which then be collected by us and recycled.

We are a social enterprise meaning we operate ‘not just for profit’ and are an alliance of businesses and individuals who work together to create environmental change by collecting and re-purposing natural wine corks. Thanks to people like you, we have a growing network of collection partners which will mean we can recycle millions of corks every year. We are part of the Cork Industry Federation, an association of companies involved in the importation, manufacture and distribution of cork products in the UK and for export. The Federation is fully behind our recycling efforts and helps to connect us with others in the wine industry.

With billions more corks to recycle every year, we need your help to continue to grow. Join the Recorked UK movement and let’s create real change with recycled cork.


Why do we do it?






Millions of hectares of cork forest worldwide
Average age of a cork tree
% of wine bottles with natural cork stoppers
% we are committed to recycling corks!


Clive Davies, Midlands Pub Group

Recorked are the leading UK cork recycling scheme and we are proud to be working with them to recycle all our corks used in our business.

Contact Us

  • 11 Cornerhouse Lane, Widnes, WA8 9WD
  • Phone: 0151 420 5314 / 07729 116102
  • Email: info@winecorks.co.uk
  • Website: http://winecorks.co.uk